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Best Custom Jewelry
article by jennlee
Introduction Giving custom jewelry as a gift is a way to show a loved one that you really care about them. It can also be a symbol of a high status as most custom jewelry is not cheap. Even if you ...
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Gemstones in Jewelry: A Brief Guide
article by kevgardner
Jewelry is a wonderful accent to personal style and presentation. Whether you prefer rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other accessories, gemstones are a common focal point. Therefore, it’s ...
Is Your Jewelry Worth Every Penny? Check And Relax
article by ryanholman
A woman can leave the house without applying make-up, but she sure doesn’t leave without accessorizing herself. Jewelry being the most important part of accessories, they sure are women’s best frie...
Cameos, Intaglios, and Their History
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article by Marilou Abruscato
Cameo jewelry features prominently in history.  My fascination with these carvings started when I was a young girl and I remember my mother dressing up for some special occasion and bringing out he...
Do good, even when you shop!
article by Alyssa Phillips
More and more we are seeing a trend of retail companies started on philanthropic ideas. This is an amazing trend that I am excited to be seeing more and more. We are all citizens of the world and s...
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Chocolate Fudge~JIC
article by Ashlee Kopf
 Chocolate Fudge is an intense smelling candle from Jewelry in candles! Jewelry in candles you say? Jewelry comes in EVERY Candle, Tart, and Body Butter! You can choose a mens or a womans ring or i...
Car Jewelry From Joy Jewelry
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article by dchampagne
I would like to introduce you all to this pretty awesome website joy jewelers.   Since 2005, Joy Jewelers has  became known for exceptional service, amazing selection, low prices, and high quality....
Rope Birthstone Ring & “Always In My Heart” Necklace from Rito Originals
article by Jessica Taylor
I have been desperately searching for a nice ring and necklace set with my daughter’s birthstone. Everything I found up until this point seemed impersonal and unoriginal. After many months of searc...
Moonlitserenadecandleproductphotonew 450x450
Moonlit Serenade~JIC
article by Ashlee Kopf
 Moonlit Serenade is an intense smelling soy candle from Jewelry in Candles! Yes i said Jewelry in candles! You can pick mens or womens rings and the size and if your dont care for rings you can al...
Make your own Gemstone Jewelry
article by Jessica Morgan
My family and I really enjoy creating jewelry with natural gemstone beads. We get together and work on unique pieces of jewelry and exchange advice to create the final product design. We have desig...
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Golastartery Fashion Punk Style Alloy Bangle Weave Wax Rope Bracelets Anchors Cuff Bracelets
article by Kaydie Hammar
I received this product at little to no cost at all for my honest review. I have been obsessed with anchors for a while now. so when I seen this I fell in love! I couldn't wait to try it on. When I...
Rocksbox Review
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article by Lakisha Dillingham
What is it?Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that takes the guess work out of accessory shopping. Each month you get 3 pieces of jewelry from a WishList that you create. The stylist team c...
It's a "just because day"
article by Tanika
I grew up in an extraordinary home. My parents were not normal and that gave us the freedom to grow up without a lot of restraints. We could play, create, and enjoy life as long as we weren't tread...
♥ QueenDream Beaded Rhinestone Sash/Headband Review ♥
article by Alison Wagner
 I used this as a belt for my wedding. I needed a little touch (okay, a big touch) of bling. I was nervous to order this because I like to see something in person before I buy it. I was pleasantly ...
Vanillacandle 450x450
article by Ashlee Kopf
Vanilla is an intense smelling candle from Jewelry in Candles! Yes! I did say Jewelry in Candles! You can choose mens or womens rings and there sizes! If you dont care for rings you can also choos...
Birthdaycakeproductphotonew better 450x450
Birthday Cake
article by Ashlee Kopf
Birthday Cake is a light scent candle from Jewelry in Candles for all the people who dont like intense smells! Yes I said Jewelry in Candles! Mens and womens rings or if you dont care much for ring...