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Omelets in a Baggie
article by Cody Ragan Emerson
Boiled Omelets in a Baggie.A few months back, my SIL was talking about her little neice making 'omelets in a baggie'. Maybe it's just me, but I had no idea what she was talking about! So, me being ...
75+ Trendy Fashion Pieces To Check Out From H&M's Labor Day Sale
article by Shelby M
Looking for some great Labor Day deals? There's good news! H&M is having a Labor Day sale with up to 60% off select styles for the home, men, women, and kids. The sale only lasts until Septembe...
Primula Coffee Brew Buddy Single Cup Coffee Maker, Red Review
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review by Autumn Handy
I picked this up for my mother,  who drinks coffee, but rarely makes a pot at home since she only drinks a few cups and will not invest in a single cup machine ( what happens when she has company o...
Six Living Room Styles to Make Homes With Small Footprints Feel Much Larger
article by jadepulman
Do you have a tiny living room? Does your family need more room to move around or gather? Family time is an important part of all of our lives. We give you six living room styles that will get your...
How to Prepare for a Home Renovation
article by ericslate
Renovating your home is a huge project that you understandably have high hopes for. Through a renovation, you may improve your home’s value, style, and overall functionality in various ways. Noneth...
Best Ways to Save Money When Home Shopping
article by jadepulman
If you ask most people what their biggest expense is, they will probably tell you it’s housing. Unfortunately, the cost is steadily increasing in Colorado Springs, Colorado and throughout the count...
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Improving Home Value: 5 Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape
article by kevgardner
Maintenance is an important part of keeping your home in good condition. Even if you don't plan on selling in the near future, this attention to detail can ensure improved overall value in addition...
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4 Things You Need to Know About Home Solar Panels
article by kevgardner
Many homeowners are curious about home solar systems but are unwilling to make the leap because they don't know enough about the technology. Once consumers know the basics, the choice of whether or...
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Solar Panels Make Life Better
article by kevgardner
Solar panels are frequently in the news for the benefits they provide. They are one of the leading sources of alternative energy. They also bring many benefits for those who choose to install them....
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Prepare to Live Comfortably in Your New Home With These Five Essentials
article by jennlee
Did you recently close on a house? Are you a first-time property owner? Many people fail to realize the work and upkeep that comes along with buying a house. Routine maintenance, regular cleaning, ...
Welcome Guests In Your Home With Comfortable Furnishing Choices and Decor
article by kevgardner
Fun gatherings at home are one of the most enjoyable of all activities. People love to mingle in their homes with their best friends and closest relatives. One of the great joys of inviting people ...
How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
article by kevgardner
Today, everyone is trying to be more environmentally friendly. If you see someone driving down the street with black clouds of pollutants comes from the back of the car, the first thing you think i...
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Staedtler Fineliner - My new favorite pen!
article by Cody Ragan Emerson
My new favorite pen!Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are amazing and they are definitely my newest favorite of my pen hoarding! I'm obsessed with pens! The tip size is prefect - 0.3 mm Fine (triang...
Get those nasty pests away with this cool natural repellents!
article by Lando Blue
Every time when summer comes and everything is starting to come back to life things like mosquitoes , flies and other creatures that were made simply to annoy us on every step start to become alive...
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My new favorite pen!
article by Cody Ragan Emerson
My new favorite pen!Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are amazing and they are definitely my newest favorite of my pen hoarding! I'm obsessed with pens! The tip size is prefect - 0.3 mm Fine (triang...
Chandeliers Remind Me Of....
article by Anne Farmer
 Chandeliers always have reminded me of my Aunt and Uncle's house long ago when we used to go there for various visits and family get togethers. They always had a big beautiful one in their dining ...