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Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask & Moldex® Ear Plugs. Includes Carry Pouch for Eye Mask and Ear Plugs - For Travel, Shift Work & Meditation. Review
review by Johnny Boy
 This is by far the best sleep mask I have ever seen or I used in my whole life.Very light , you almost don't feel it. You also get carrying pouch so I usually put it in there during the day when I...
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Products You're Better Off Not Knowing About
article by Sondra
Seriously? These products actually exist. For when your kids want to go somewhere, without actually having to go somewhere. Literature teachers everywhere are hanging their heads in shame. I have n...
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Essentials for Traveling with Kids
article by happyhealthyhip
I made a list earlier of Travel Games to keep kids occupied, but after our annual trip back to the Midwest, it dawned on me that I need to keep a list of the essentials we need to survive a long pl...
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The Best Beauty Products for Dry, Damaged Hair
article by Cari Dunn
Your hair can get dry and damaged at any time of the year.  In the summer, being in the sun and swimming can damage your hair.  The dry air in the winter can also wreck havoc on your hair.  If you ...
For The Love of .... Please go AWAY! **For the Ladies of the group**
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article by Elizabeth Conklin
So I am sitting here as I am finishing up grocery shopping, thinking of what I wanted to chat with you all about today! Since it has been quite a while since my last article and really have ran out...
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Shibari MEGA 15-speed Therapeutic Massager, Wireless, Waterproof, Large sized Power Wand Massage (Black) Review
review by Ambur Scott
My boyfriend works 10+ hour days a lot and comes home from work very sore. I have been looking for a product to ease his pain. The Shibari Mega Wand is pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself! Th...
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Fight Breakouts with Neutrogena's Light Therapy Mask!
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article by Lisette Melendez
I recently attended a Teen Vogue x Neutrogena event to introduce their newest light therapy acne mask. Along with all the other influencers, I was able to take home this mask and try it out before ...
Pumpkin beauty scrub
DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Beauty Sugar Scrub
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article by Autumn Handy
I love body scrubs and this one smells amazing without the high price of store bought products. It's made with natural non-perishable ingredients that you may already have on hand (well, maybe not ...
Nine christmas ornaments for foodies
Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars of 2016
article by happyhealthyhip
Even if you don't celebrate the holiday season by counting down until Christmas with an Advent Calendar, you may be interested in these modern makeup and beauty calendars that are put out by some o...
K-Y Love Pleasure Gel Intimate Lubricant, Sensuality Couples, 1.69 Ounce Review
review by Stephanie Ferguson
The KY Love Pleasure Gel Intimate Lubricant felt great. It had a slight warming feeling to it, but not much of anything else. This was my first time using it. I expected the feeling to be a little ...
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Essential Oil Beginner Starter Set 14/10ml - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - Great for Aromatherapy Review
review by andryaaaaa
This essential oils start kit is awesome, 14 great scents to experiment and learn with. It's also a great price for the amount of oils you get, if you are to buy each one separately you'd be paying...
Head Lice Prevention
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article by Renita Perrone
Fortunately, this is something I have never had to deal with! I almost never remember hearing of it when I was a kid. I thought it was something only people who didn't take regular baths/showers de...
article by Sondra
Having candles on hand during a recent power outage reminded me of how nice it is to have a candlelit evening every once in a while.                            
Suave Body Washes
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article by Jessica Brazell
 I love Suave body washes. They are a great deal and come in so many different scents. They compare to other high-end body washes as well. I love the smell, perfect amount of scent and of a quality...
Amazing Uses for Toothpaste!!
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article by Elizabeth Conklin
As an aspiring extreme couponer - toothpastes are always an Essential part of any couponers stock pile!So with hundreds of toothpastes sitting in my basement right now, it's always fun finding new ...