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Wedding Trend: Statement Hair Accessories
article by Shelby M
Sorry veils, there's a new wedding hair trend on the rise! Statement hair pieces are taking over Pinterest, Instagram, your favorite clothing stores and, most likely, the next wedding you attend. B...
Coconut oil hair benefits
Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
article by bellalulu82
Coconut Oil is growing more commonly for its variety of uses. From cooking oil to hair treatments to moisturizing skin, to even makeup remover.One of the best uses of Coconut Oil, is for hair treat...
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Straightening Brush Review!
article by Kaydie Hammar
I just had get my hands on this new amazing brush that straightens you hair just like a straightener! I had an old friends allow me to use it so I could share with all of you:)My hair is always wa...
Everyday Essentials! The InStyler!
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article by Elizabeth Conklin
Today's Essential focus's on the InStyler!  This is my absolute favorite styling tool. I received this quite a few years ago for a Christmas present. Until then, i was just using those classic flat...
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My daughter's new hairstyle. Too much?
article by Cassandra Leif
 Today I did my first "sew in" weave ever. My daughter is 8, her school pictures are tomorrow, and she wanted it done. I'm not sure if I will do it again because I think it makes her look...
Products Men Need for Their Hair
article by kevgardner
The hair care aisle at your local store can be an intimidating sight for men who are unfamiliar with styling products. To help you determine which type of styling product is best for your hair type...
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Make your hair look bouncier and silkier with natural reetha powder
article by itsherbalmagic
Today, everyone desires beautiful shinning hair but it is something that is hard to get. We do so much to buy expensive stuff for perfect locks, book appointment for therapies but all this does not...
Isa professional flat iron 292x300
Who doesn't love straight hair? ( reviews )
article by Angela Feher
I really like this ceramic straightener and it does get really hot and really fast. Along with the CHI oil or heat protectant spray, your hair gets straight and smooth. The only thing I don't like ...
article by Anne Farmer
 Biotin is a really good vitamin to help with many functions in the body and for hair care it is absoluetly essential too. I try to have an extra supply of these vitamin/mineral on hand if possible...
Vegetable Glycerin 16oz. Non-GMO, Food-grade & USP Grade
article by Anne Farmer
 This is a type of product that I picked up on Amazon a few months ago intended for use with my other hair products. I did use it for this purpose but added other products to the mixture as well at...
Want the perfect curls
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article by Tonya Kinsler
We all want perfect curls.  Below are some styling products and accessories that can help you to get that look.  I have tried several of these. With the iron all you do is wrap your hair around the...
Shampoo For You
article by Regina Owen
  The word shampoo entered the English language from India during the colonial era. It dates to 1762, and is derived from Hindi chāmpo (चाँपो [tʃãːpoː]), itself derived from the Sanskrit root capay...
Condition For Healthy Hair
article by Regina Owen
Hair conditioners come in a variety of scents, colors and different purposes. Many help to add moisture to your hair while others help to eliminate frizz. Some help to repair damaged hair, while ot...
Hair brush straightener 2
Apalus Brush Hair Straightener
article by CityWorkersWife1516
Last year I had bought this Hair Straightener for my daughter and her hair is long and she can't use it on her hair since her hair is thin. It's mainly for people with thick and wavy hair. It comes...
Hmm ! what should I do with my HAIR ?
article by Judy Norris
You know we always go through a time when we want to change how our hair looks. It gets on our nerves so bad that you threaten to cut it all off. I know I have felt this way over the years. So many...
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Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition Growth & Repair Supplement for Longer, Stronger, Thicker Hair - 64 Softgels - 1 Month Supply
article by Elsa
 I have damaged hair, some kind of odd split hair and sometimes my ends get dry and brittle. I tried different product and most of them did not help me. I was skeptical about this product. Then I t...