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12 Hilariously Honest Greeting Cards from Spade Stationery
article by Tina
I detest drugstore greeting cards. Unfortunately, I frequently procrastinate and find myself choosing between a bunch of lame-o cards at Rite Aid (no offense, Rite Aid, when spring allergies hit yo...
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Etsy Crush: BettieConfetti
article by Shelby M
Let's face it: with the growing market of funny greeting cards, any holiday or event can easily turn into a competition for the best card. Well, don't worry, because BettieConfettiĀ is here to save ...
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Cards by A Little Creative
article by Sondra
These cute little greeting cards were created by an amazingly talented brand / graphic designer with a creative flair. Her cards are quirky and unabashedly honest, encouraging people to send more s...
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Greetings writing Service
article by annaeverson
You will eventually be face to face with the task of writing greetings papers without the time to do it justice. You have limited choices how to handle it when it comes, but greetings writing servi...
M6042 Sunny Side Up: 10 Assorted Blank Thank You Note Cards Showcasing Big Sunny Fields of Yellow Sunflowers,w/White Envelopes. Review
review by Creative!
These bright beautiful flowers just make me smile. The time honored tradition of sending a handwritten thank you note is not something that can be replaced by a text or an email. It is not the same...

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