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A Beginner's Guide to Composting
article by Tina
Two years ago my husband decided he wanted to start composting. I loved the idea. The whole recycle, reuse theory is one I strongly subscribe to. So, the research commenced. The first task on our a...
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Orchid Care
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article by Justine Kinch
 The orchid family has over 22,000 species.  These epiphytes, which means that they do not grow in dirt but rather by hanging on to the bark of trees, are not difficult to grow at home, it is just ...
Importance of having Indoor Plants around us.
article by palashmohane
  From GreenpotsRajkumar Agro Engineers - Agricultural ProductsYou have to admit one thing that in this hectic and complicated world we all are underestimating the power of Greenery and plants arou...
How much do you know about lettuce?
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article by PurpleLover
  There are several types of lettuce, but  there are three (leaf, head and cos or romaine) are the most common. Check out the lettuce varieties and uses below.Leaf – Is also known as looseleaf, cut...
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High Desert Gardening
article by Brandy
When we moved to the high desert, almost six years ago, we started an veggie and herb garden. It was amazingly beautiful. Three years ago, we added some very bad compost that we bought to our garde...
3 Items Every Beginning Gardener Needs
article by Elizabeth Trach
Whether you’re planning to brighten your landscape with flowers or start that vegetable patch, every aspiring gardener needs some basic tools to make the job easier. Before you rush out to the nurs...
How does the garden grow?
article by Rock Hiler
Getting ready to garden is most of the fun. We live where there is a very short growing season. If you go by all the recommended charts our frost free growing season is from June 28th to August 26....
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Summertime Mos Go
article by Heather Foret
  It's that time of year again. The time for swimming, sand and sun. For bar-b-q's and crawfish boils. Fun hanging out out side in the backyard. Unfortunatly it's also the season for mosquitoes. so...
Get those nasty pests away with this cool natural repellents!
article by Lando Blue
Every time when summer comes and everything is starting to come back to life things like mosquitoes , flies and other creatures that were made simply to annoy us on every step start to become alive...
National Weed Your Garden Day
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article by Lori Oates
June 13th we celebrate WEED YOUR GARDEN DAY.This day is set aside so that gardeners can take an extra 5 to 10 minutes and get those weeks out of the garden.Here is a terrific website that discuss h...

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