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Find the Perfect Father's Day Gift with Man Crates
article by Shelby M
Shopping for Dad can be tough. That's where Man Crates comes in to save the day! Just check out their description:We say 'no' to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don't sav...
Red, White, & Food: Holiday BBQ Made Easy
article by Tina
While summer isn't officially here until June 20th, in my mind Memorial Day has always been summer's kick-off. BBQ season begins, kids start counting down school days, and if you live in the Northe...
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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
article by Sondra
Today is Earth Day which has made me think about all the ways in which we try to conserve the resources that we have and reduce the amount of waste we produce.Sending my kids to school with lunch e...
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Cinco de Mayo Celebration
article by Sondra
It's always Cinco de Mayo somewhere...I think that's how the saying goes. Anyways, Taco Tuesday is our favorite day of the week, so you can imagine how excited we get when May 5th comes around each...
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The Love of Ice Coffee!
article by Breesha Taylor
I have an addiction to ice coffee, not just an ordinary addition but a reviving one. It all began with the original cup of coffee in the morning to experimenting with the brewed left over coffee in...
Basic roast levels
Coffee & Caffeine: The Force Awakens (Light vs Dark Roast)
article by mark
The re-evolution of coffee fully underway, thanks to a new generation of experimenters, geeks, hipsters and maybe millennials, it is fun to explore coffee’s magic mojo, it’s jedi-force. We’ll also ...
Crockpot chocolate lava cake
Betty Crocker Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake
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article by Patty Morrison
I love lava cake but I don't like to bake. I found this recipe from the Betty Crocker website. My family loves it and it's easy to make.     What you need for the cake:1 box of Betty Crocker Triple...
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Eat This Oatmeal for Breakfast and You'll Have a Ton of Energy
article by Michael Ferguson
This amazing bowl of oatmeal is the result of much research and testing, combining several highly potent and nutritious grains, its goal to provide long lasting satisfaction and energy for an activ...
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My Two Favorite Dump Cake Recipes
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article by Patty Morrison
If you are a busy parent, you know it's hard to find time to make desserts from scratch. There are a lot of recipes for dump cakes. These are two of my family's favorite. They are easy to cook and ...
Philly steak pizza
Made From Scratch: Gluten Free Philly Cheese Steak Pizza
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article by Autumn Handy
This is a rare treat here, but it is so good you will find any excuse to make this one yourself.  It seems complicated and there are a few steps, but once prep is done and you're ready to assemble,...
Weeknight Cooking: Greek Style Chicken Thighs
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article by Autumn Handy
I love chicken legs but my guy thinks they're "nibble" food. Meaty thighs are the perfect compromise - he feels thighs are more more filling and I get my dark meat. I always throw this to...
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The Season for Feasting: Cranberry Style
article by Brandy
Autumn is blowing in, leaves are falling from trees, bringing out your warm clothes and holiday recipes, my favorite part.The season is supposed to be about gratitude, but let’s face it, it all com...
Bouchon cc cookies color
Chocolate Chip Cookies to Write Home About
article by Brandy
I bought the Bouchon Bakery Cook Book a few weeks back, after my cousin's recommendation that not only were the recipes delicious, but that the book would transform my understanding of baking with ...
Peanut butter potato candy!
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article by Therese Campbell
I know what you're thinking.. It sounds gross! I promise you that I thought the same thing when I was first introduced to it. It's actually quite delicious but it's very very sweet! My mom's boyfri...
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Best Mixed Drinks for Those Who Don't Like the Taste of Alcohol
article by Mariah Dunnagan
If you're like me, you shy away from alcohol, not because it gets you drunk or makes you sick, but because you don't like the taste of it. For some of us it can be difficult to find that perfect dr...
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Why You Should be Eating More Black Garlic
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article by Autumn Handy
We love garlic around here and black garlic is no exception. The amazingly sweet and savory flavor is the perfect complement to many dishes and that's not to mention the health benefits. Black garl...