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Running Gear
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article by Lea
The more I run and the longer (further) I run, the more I realize how important having the right gear is. Shoes, obviously. But when you're needing motivation after the first 3 miles, the best head...
Runon race bib holder
5 Ways to Upcycle Your Racing Bibs
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article by Lea
I have a confession. I am starting to feel like a hoarder with "organized piles" of items in just about every room of the house. My racing bibs are sitting in a small stack on my nightsta...
Tyler nix y1drf0y3oe0 unsplash
How Different Types of Exercise Improve Your Mental Health
article by kevgardner
Exercise has been shown to have a great effect on your mental health and well being. There are many types of physical activities that will positively impact your mood and the chemicals which influe...
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Make the Most of Your Workout
article by kevgardner
 Making the most out of a workoutFor a fit and active life, it is important to work out on a regular basis. Obesity has been a problem for many people and they are becoming prone to getting many ty...
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Crossfit Shoes: Reebok Nano 5.0 versus Inov-8 F-lite 240
article by mark
Getting the right shoe can make an important difference to enjoying Crossfit. It can also preserve your expensive joggers for jogging, as you probably shouldn't be subjecting them to the grind of r...
Legal steroid alternatives
The Best Muscle Building Steroids Alternatives
article by rosieross
Steroids had been a threat to some countries that is why it is illegal for them to sell and buy it. It is said to be dangerous to the people using it that is why some countries have laws to prevent...
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Fat to Fit Tips
article by Jenna
As summer is approaching, many Americans are dreading the beach and clothes shopping. Most of us have failed our New Year's resolution but still want to get lean. I, like many Americans, are strugg...
Get Fit
article by forecastven
My favorite work out gear.
Gentle Exercise
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article by Renita Perrone
A little over a year ago I was inspired by a good friend to get my act together and start exercising. I was highly motivated, seeing great results, but then it happened. I overdid it and ended up w...
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Cross fit shop
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article by maryanno
The thing that makes CrossFit so great is the challenge. No matter how strong or fast you are, there will always be something new that will challenge you personally. It may be a grueling workout, t...

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