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Sweatshirt fashion season
Fall Fashion: The Perfect Sweatshirt
article by novsunflower
I couldn't be happier to welcome the crisp, cool air. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but it's not so much for my love of the change of colors of the leaves. It's not really about my desire t...
Shopping News: Ruche is Saying Farewell
article by Shelby M
Sad news for Ruche-lovers: after 8 years, the popular clothing site is closing down. Ruche, along with their sister-site Threadsence, are shutting down operations. You can read the founder's sincer...
Ballin' on a budget
article by Alyssa Phillips
Alright ladies, are you wanting to look fly as heck at your next formal engagement? But don't want to spend an arm and a leg? Well GURL I got you covered. Check out these lovely frocks, get ready t...
Sweet summertime image
Maxin' and Relaxin'
article by Alyssa Phillips
Hey Dolls!I sure do love me a good maxi dress! Here are my reasons:I don't have to shave my legs but still can stay cool in the summer. (hey a girl can be lazy sometimes!)I can put on literally one...
Summer Lovin'
article by Alyssa Phillips
Hey Dolls,I have always been a huge fan of the classic styles of the 50's. The circle skirts, the wiggle dresses, the high waisted style...I could go on and on! Rather than fill this up with paragr...
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Snow Boots Every Fashionista Will Love
article by novsunflower
Last year, I finally decided to explore the world of ladies snow boots that had some style to them. I had no idea so many gorgeous options existed because I'd always assumed snow boots had to be ug...
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Style Crush: PurpleFishBowl's Fine Art Style Collection
article by Shelby M
If you're looking to add a little bit of artsy-fun to your wardrobe, look no further. PurpleFishBowl, an Indonesian shop, caters to those who love classical, iconic art and fashion. From Hokusai‘s ...
Introducing Gwyneth Paltrow's goop Clothing Line
article by Sondra
The "everyday" collection of clothing inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's closet essentials is finally here. After years of watching Gwyneth share recipes and ideas for a celebrity-like lifesty...
Tumblr o2hwqbg1hd1ulesryo1 400 1
Me Before You: Fashion Inspiration
article by Alyssa Phillips
With the upcoming release of the summer romantic blockbuster Me Before You, I thought what better way to welcome it than to compile a list of Lou approved frocks, shoes, and accessories.Irregular C...
Womens socks
Socks In A Varied World Society
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article by Justine Kinch
 Socks are thought of different ways by different people around the world.  In some cultures socks are worn as an expression of whom a person is and embraces their spirit of individuality.   In oth...
article by kakjan
Rhea Lana....a few years I had never heard of this before.  It came to my area about 6 years ago. Rhea Lana is an upscale consignment sale. They have them twice a year (spring and fall). They have ...
Pussy bow fashion
Grab Fashion by the Pussy Bow
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
There's quite a bit of chatter about 'grabbing ladies' cats' floating around the internet right now. While most of that rhetoric is appalling and makes most felines, females and humans cringe with ...
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Hot Topic Just Released A Fashion Collection Inspired By Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass
article by Shelby M
Can't contain your excitement for Disney's "Alice Through the Looking Glass?" While the movie won't be released in theaters until May 27, Hot Topic has just released their magical fashion...
article by kakjan
Victoria Sectet is having their Semi Annual Sale going on right now! I was there last night and loaded up on so many goodies. Everything is on sale from perfumes, lotions, panties, bras and clothin...
Little Ladies and Young Men: Designer Clothes for Your Little One
article by happyhealthyhip
Kids fashion finds from the top designers.                                                  
Pexels photo 1193942%20(1)
What to Wear on a First Date
article by ericslate
 Prepping for your first date can be a stressful experience. Between coordinating a time and place with your date and mentally preparing yourself, it can be easy to forget about what you will actua...