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Ct world emoji day bsi photo
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article by Lori Oates
Today, July 17th is World Emoji Day.We have fallen in love with emoji's it seems. They are used so much and so many products now have emoji's on them.Emoji, is a Japanese word which means picture w...
More Emoji
article by Trysh Hysell
It really looks like ice cream but it isn't. This is the poop emoji. I know kinda gross right. Kids love the poop emoji for some reason. I think that they should just call it Ice cream emoji it is...
Emoji Stamps
article by Trysh Hysell
Emoji Emoji Emoji. Here are some emoji stamps that I want. I love Emoji stuff and I would love to have a collection of all kinds of stuff.  I am going to get some of these on of these days. Thanks ...
Giant Emoji Ball
article by Trysh Hysell
Ok so I have an Addiction to Emoji stuff. I found this on amazon. I want it. This thing is huge and I would love to have it. I know my daughter would love to have it. Emoji stuff is so cool. I love...
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ZuZo Kiss Emoji 2600mAh 5V/1.5A Portable Charger (Adorable Kiss Emoji Power Bank) For IOS Android Phones (Kiss)
article by Elsa
 The laughing tears emoji charger is hysterical! It is one of my favorite emoji's and makes me smile. It comes with a short cord that charges android devices. It would definitely word for apple dev...
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Emoji Pillows WorldwideTM - "Sleepy" Emoji (High Quality 32*32 cm)
article by Elsa
 This is the cutest emoji pillow ever! It's made so well! The colors are so bright! I did not expect the quality to be so good! It's dirt cheap! I will definitely purchase a few of them and recomme...

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