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Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Eau de Toilette, 1 Ounce Review
review by kakjan
This has been one of my favorite perfumes/body sprays for at least 7 years.  It's not just summer fragrance or just a winter fragrance, it seriously can be worn all year around. It's a sweet smell ...
Tommy Girl Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger for women Personal Fragrances - Tommy Hilfiger Review
review by Nicole Dake
Tommy Girl is one of the first favorite perfumes that I started using right after high school.  It has a light and bold scent that is good for day or evening wear, which is what makes me like it al...
51 5pwldill
Playboy Female Omni Eau de Toilette Spray Set Review
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review by Autumn Handy
I enjoy all 3 of these perfumes !  They smell far more expensive the they were and they have enough staying power that david still notices it on me come morning when he gets home from work ( I gard...

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