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Four Christmases
review by happyhealthyhip
Growing up Mexican (and of course, Catholic), meant that Christmas was a huge deal in our family. Christmas Eve would be spent with my father's side of the family and we would wait impatiently with...
Watching tv
Watching TV shows
article by Johnny Boy
I love watching TV shows, it helps me to relax and I really like it because of that.I think of doing this article in series because there are so many shows I watched and like. I will try to add rev...
Dirty Dancing (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) Review
review by Rindy May
I have this movie, it is the only movie I can watch over and over! In fact a few Summers ago we went to Mountain Lake where most of it was filmed. We stayed the night and toured the grounds, it is ...
Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) - Darren Aronofsky Review
review by Johnny Boy
This one is classic and people seem to like it very much but I just can't.Whole story is weird and I never liked the actors. Characters are not lovable or relatable in any way so I didn't really ca...
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article by Lea
I love watching documentaries - these are some fun ones that touch on the music industry, video game history, education, films, and storytelling.The fun cover image I uploaded to this list is art b...
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TV Shows I Grew Up Watching
article by happyhealthyhip
Looking back on these shows from the 90s I used to watch explains quite a bit about my youth. LOL       I always thought Roseanne was a great mom, mostly.             I was ...
Political%20thrillers books movies
26 of the Best Political Thrillers of all Time
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article by Lea
Action packed, must-see thrillers with a political twist.                          
Continuum: Season 1 Review
review by Nicole Dake
Continuum is one of those "what if" stories that plays with the ideas of time travel and alternate realities.  In the show Kiera, a police office, travels back in time and attempts to thw...
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Movie Night
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article by Lea
Pop some corn and cuddle up on the couch. It's Movie Night!       Bill Murray was fabulous in this film.                 
The Complete List of 2016 Oscar Nominated Films
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article by Lea
Which of these Oscar Nominated films from 2015 have you seen?                         
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Made in Minnesota
article by happyhealthyhip
I grew up in Minnesota, so it's fun to see movies and TV shows that are filmed there and be able to recognize the locations and backgrounds.               
Embrace Of The Serpent - Ciro Guerra;Jacques Toulemonde Review
review by mark
This is an insanely good movie.  It's not for everyone...but it should be! :)  (trailer below) There is an incredibly powerful weave of storylines & messages here. The obvious, and those woven ...
Practical Magic (1998) - Denise Di Novi Review
review by Stephanie Peaster
This has been one of my favorite movies since the first time I watched it and I still watch it every time I see it on. I can so relate to the quote below of the letter she wrote to her sister descr...
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The Last of the Mohicans - Michael Mann Review
review by Stephanie Peaster
this is an awesome movie and I just happen to aknow Eric Schweig who plays Uncas and that makes it double good! 😈 He is an awesome actor, musician, friend , artist and well Madeline Stoweand Daniel...
The Cake Eaters Review
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review by Stacy Youngman
This was all in all a good movie. It was entertaining and kept the viewer wondering what is going to happen next. If you knew you were going to die at a young age there are so many things you will ...
The Man in the High Castle [HD]
review by Mallory Whitfield
We recently watched the pilot episode of this new show, which is produced by Amazon. We've been on a bit of an Amazon streaming kick lately, first watching the entire season 1 of Transparent (anoth...