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Calendula Soap Recipe
article by Cari Dunn
This soap is wonderful for your skin, especially if you have problem skin.  It starts with a melt and pour base, so you can make it in about 10 minutes.  I used a shea butter base for the butter's ...
My Favorite Homemade Soap Recipe
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article by Elizabeth Conklin
A couple of months ago, I was at our local festival. We have a craft show, where vendors all around the state can sell their products!I came across one booth that was selling essential oil soaps, b...
The Best Toys and Crafts For Special Needs Children
article by Rindy May
  These are the best toys and crafts I have ever found for children and even some adults with special needs or not. They are so well made, so well thought out and simple. By keeping it simple and w...
Felting Starter Kit - Perfect Gift for Beginners
list by mark
Both of my daughters (@ 9 and 15 yrs) loved felting. The opportunity to envision and create via crafts is something they both love. As a parent, it is deeply fulfilling to watch how much joy they t...

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