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How To Focus While In Your Home Office
article by jennlee
Having a job that allows you to work from home is one of the blessings in life. You’re able to have all the benefits of a job, but you’re able to work from the comfort of your home. It makes it eas...
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A Beginner's Guide to Big Data
article by kevgardner
Everyone has their own idea of what data is. Every business or organization has their own method of taking care of their data. But what is big data?There are two types of big data; structured and u...
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How and why should you update your Software
article by kevgardner
Software is a set of data that instructs your computer how to work. In today’s world, technology has become a part of everyone’s life and it is, therefore, necessary for everyone to have a basic le...
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Top 6 Antivirus Software on the Market in 2018: What the Tests Showed
article by kevgardner
What Malware Protection is the Best?You have an abundance of antivirus options. Recently, Kaspersky Anti-Virus obtained perfect scores in every independent lab test and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus w...
Gear Head Wireless Mouse
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article by Ashley Forte
 I have this mouse for my laptop and it works perfect! So much better than any other mouses I have gotten in the past. For the price its a great deal. Especially when it works real good and I love ...

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