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10 Hacks for Staying Warm this Winter
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article by Autumn Handy
I welcome winter. Not only is it beautiful and brings the holidays, but I get a vacation from the daily grind! Chores drop down to just basic things and all the extras (garden, canning, and whatnot...
Step by Step Guide to Matching Outfits for Couples
article by elisonevan
From being single to having a partner is an entirely different experience and feelings. That bond which both the partners share is so strong that they are unconsciously or unintentionally getting i...
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How to Pick the Perfect Socks Every Time
article by paisleyhansen
Socks have moved beyond basic foot coverings to become a fashion accessory. They can be used to make a statement that might be too much on a larger, more visible piece of clothing. In some cases, t...
6 Reasons Why Your Clothing Takes So Long To Ship
article by jennlee
Before the internet became a great place to shop, you would have to go to a store to try and buy clothing. However, now, you can check out interesting pieces online and order them right to your doo...
How to Dress for a Business Casual Workplace
article by paisleyhansen
The workplace has changed over the years. People in a professional environment no longer have to wear suits, ties, or dresses every day to work. Working environments are now adapting the business c...
6 Ways to Save Money on Workout Clothes
article by jadepulman
Embarrassed by your workout clothes? Tired of wearing the same holy T-shirts and gray sweatpants to the gym? The right workout clothes should be attractive and should motivate you to workout. Somet...
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Women’s Trending Streetwear Look
article by elisonevan
This year in 2019 we have seen a lot of trends come and go, but the one main trend that we believe is here to stay is Men and Women’s streetwear! One of the most popular looks of the seasons is wom...
Yes, my Sweater Dress Came from Amazon and I Love it!
article by Melodie Couture
The best thing about sweater dresses is you can wear them anywhere. I asked people to help me find some sweater dresses because I am such a tomboy. Let's face it you can not always throw on a T shi...
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Extraordinary Etsy: Lucky Fit Boutique
article by Kelsey Hendrix
Lucky Fit Boutique is a California based shoppe owned by Natasha Lengua. Her beautiful creations, which include scarves, kimonos, and skirts, are all handmade at her workshop in Carlsbad. Sold on E...
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article by Melodie Couture
My friend and I rocked our leggings I purchased from Amazon. 6-Pack: Women's Free to Live Seamless Fleece Lined Leggings - Assorted Colors. We dressed up as BATMAN and ROBIN. I LOVE MY LEGGINGS!! A...
Downy Fresh Protect with Febreeze for Clothes
article by Anne Farmer
Another free to try (in exchange to give my honest review) item is this Downy fresh protect with febreez I received in a big voxbox. I received a sample sized one use item of this in order to give ...
FeelinGirl Women's Sleeveless Midi Bodycon Dress
article by Thorak
I got this dress for one of my niece and when she put it on it fit her great .It holds together in back with hooks like a bra has and you tie it at the top around your neck (My niece wears a size 3...
Your Holiday Party look Is Here
article by Laurance
Hey ladies It's party time!!! which dress will you wear?Your holiday party look is here, pick some of these stylish and modern items that will reflect your sparkling personality         ...

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