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Clorox Bleach Regular, 64 oz Review
review by Alonzo Williams
I use this clorox concentrated bleach and my whites are whiter like brilliant white. I also use it to disinfect and deodorize areas such in my bathroom. I also pour bleach in my stinky trash cans b...
Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Free Bathroom Cleaner, 30 Ounce Review
review by ashley0323
I love this bathroom cleaner and use it daily. We only have one bathroom for our family of five and I tend to clean it twice a day on average. I spray it all over the shower walls and tub, sink, co...
Clorox Glass Wipes, Radiant Clean Scent, 32 Count Review
review by ashley0323
Honestly, I didnt even know this product existed until about a week ago. I found some on on sale at my local walmart so i decided to give them a try. I noticed that as far as quality, it worked the...
Clorox/Home Cleaning 01100 Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover 16 fl oz. Review
review by richelle leffler
Our bathroom is really old and has no fan or anything and is small so it tends to get mold easy. I use this on the walls and it comes off so easy and helps me keep the mold away. Most mold products...
Free Clorox wipes
article by kristiemp16
 Free Clorox wipes from Walmart after cash back! To get this offer join top cash back with my link. signing up,  go to this link, purchase the product and...

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