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Smoked Maple Bacon Manhattan Recipe
article by happyhealthyhip
I come across recipes all over the place while searching for new cocktails to make at home, but there's no better place to find tasty and unique drink recipes than on the brand sites themselves.The...
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Sobe Lifewater
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article by Ashley Forte
  I Love these drinks. So much better than soda and plus a lot healthier for you. Its a refreshing drink that really quenches your thirst. I rather have a pack of these to drink instead of soda. Ta...
Tea Lovers Alert
article by Annie White
 Actually got this tea for my boyfriend as he is the tea expert in the house but i did have the chance to take a sip out of his cup and he is lucky he got the thing back because man that tea is ver...
Take A Hint
article by cheraarad
A hint of flavor and no artificial sweeteners make Hint water crisp, clean and refreshing. Great way to get your daily water intake. I am not a water drinker, then I tried this water, and I must ad...
All great spring water to drink, You can get it walmart and other stores, They are great to drink everyday or when its hot in the  summer time. Water is great to drink so you don't get dehydrated a...

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