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Why This VW Owner is in Car Buying Purgatory
article by Tina
I am in car buying purgatory. Why is that you might ask? I am a VW TDI owner. Ah yes, the TDI scandal. In the wake of the diesel-emissions settlement I now sit in limbo, deciding which path to take...
Driver for hire
7 Things Every Driver for Hire Needs in Their Vehicle
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article by Lea
If you've ever driven in a car run by Lyft or Uber than you probably have some ideas about what each and every driver should make sure they have in their vehicle.Recently, I applied to become a dri...
Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh, Naturally | Product Review
review by Sondra
We bought a new car back in May and one of the things I told myself I would continue to do was to keep it feeling and smelling like new for as long as possible. Our kids are not allowed to drink an...
Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light Review
review by Rindy May
I have two of these lights mounted on my fencing around my pool. They work great. There are so many LED lights in them that they light up the pool for night swimming perfectly. I wanted something t...

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