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Writer's Block
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article by Lea
When I should be writing, and when I can't, I like to search for products that might help in the writing process. Every writer experiences writer's block on occasion and it's usually during this ti...
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Coloring Books for Adults
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article by Lea
Color. All. The. Pages.From pop culture to cats and candy, there are adult coloring books for every interest!   Even world travelers will want to to bring a coloring book along during those long fl...
Book Review: The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
review by happyhealthyhip
This is a great art book featuring someone we all know and love, but with images you probably have never seen before. I discovered this on the coffee table of a friend of a friend during a road tri...
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Books for Bloggers
article by happyhealthyhip
Blogging for business and managing your personal brand requires so many skills. From creative writing to photography and web development, these books will help you get started and help make your da...
The Art of the Scarf: From Classic Knots and Chic Neckties, to Stylish Turbans, Makeshift Bags, and More
review by Amber Beatty
I believed that scarves were for old people who were trying to hide something. I shared my thoughts with a friend and she sent me this book. (Honestly, I had no idea she wore scarves.)Anyway, after...
The Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise - Craig O'Hara Review
review by lifetime
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->It leaves out some important things, but for the beginning explorer, it's a fine place to start.visit my site I would not,...
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Humans of New York
review by Jennifer Stavros
The opening reads:"To the city of New York,I had this crazy, juvenile ideathat you were going to make all my dreams come true. And you did."If you live online at all you've likely seen th...
Cute! Too many different little tiny objects on some pages though
review by ESirge00
This is pretty cute. Most of the pictures are going to be so fun to color. A lot of them are very time consuming though, because of the crazy amount of different little objects you have to color. I...
Memos to Shitty People: A Delightful & Vulgar Adult Coloring Book - James Alexander Review
review by ESirge00
The pictures have funny sayings (some of them I've never even heard of) and you get nice bonuses by signing up for the newsletters listed in the book. This author has other great coloring books too...
Just my kind of coloring book!
review by ESirge00
These pictures are the perfect mix of cute and fun. Some of them are easier than others, so if I can choose whether I want something quicker and easier or a little more challenging, but none of the...
One of my favorite swear word coloring books.
review by ESirge00
Super cute pictures. I like that they are easy to color and don't take up the whole page. Also, they don't use up a lot of ink, which is great because I purchased the Kindle version (it comes with ...
Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation (A Zen Coloring Book) - Lacy Mucklow Review
review by Christi Harris
Adult coloring books are a great way for adults to reduce stress and calm down in any stressful situation. My only problem I would have is my son taking my coloring book from me or coloring all the...
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Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition: An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax - James Alexander Review
review by Tina Narushof
What and  awesome  coloring book all his books are great but so far I love this one the best 40 great pages one  beautifully made swear word back grounds are nice and black there very easy to color...
Sweary Coloring Book: The Adult Coloring Book with Filthy Swears and Cute Kittens - Sweary Coloring Book Review
review by Ambur Scott
I have been a fan of the adult coloring books ever since they started making them. It is such a fun and creative way to relax. I love expressing my creativity through art!!These adult “swear word” ...
Poster Art of the Disney Parks (A Disney Parks Souvenir Book) - Daniel Handke Review
review by Patricia Balser
 Poster Art of the Disney Parks (A Disney Parks Souvenir Book) - Daniel HandkeThis is a very nice book of the poster art that is in all the Disney parks. This is not only beautiful, but advertising...
Poster Art of the Disney Parks (A Disney Parks Souvenir Book) - Daniel Handke Review
review by Kelly Prebish
this is very cool a book featuring all the amazing poster art from the various disney theme parks.  this is a really really cool idea and would be fun to have for the casual disney  fan as well as ...