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Big Hero 6 (Theatrical) - Daniel Gerson Review
review by Tramaine Ray
Great movie for tweens, teens on up. Lots of laughs with great adventure and actions scenes. There are a few scenes that will definitely pull the heartstrings, along with comedic timing to balance ...
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Tinker Bell Review
review by Nicole Dake
In this movie, Tinker Bell and the other fairies learn their special jobs.  What she thinks of as being a less important job, turns out to be very important in the end.  It is great for helping kid...
Zootopia (BD/DVD/Digital HD) [Blu-ray] Review
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review by prekrasan
Wow. I love Disney, but Zootopia knocked my socks off! Officer Hopps is a determined young bunny who won't let anyone stand in the way of her dreams - and she finds such an unlikely ally along the ...
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (Disney Gold Classic Collection) Review
review by Kelly Prebish
absolutely one of my christmas favorites-- it features 3 classic holiday tales done by  all your favorite disney characters-- the gift of the magi, goofy and max and their madcap adventure waiting ...
Why You Should Binge on Aeon Flux, The Complete Animated Series This Weekend
review by Rudy Desjardins
Peter Chung's take on dystopian far-future sci-fi, with his own rather distinctive but-obviously-anime-inspired animation style.If you're a sci-i fan who likes animated stuff, whether or not you di...
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
review by Michael Ferguson
I fell in love with anime in the 90s, as a result of a precious few movies that simply wow'd me.  None did more for my infatuation than Hayao Miyazaki, master story teller.Of all his amazing movies...
Rick and Morty: Season 1 Review
review by Johnny Boy
This is really nice new show that it's funny but in a way pretty deep. I don't know if this one would be a good choice to watch with your kids but you definitely have to watch it for yourself . One...
Brave - Mark Andrews Review
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review by Cassandra Garza
Meridah isn't your typical disney princess. It starts out her fighting her mother because she doesn't want to get married. A bunch of suitors come to the castle. She stirs up trouble by competing f...
Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection - Lauren MacMullan Review
review by Yvette Schach
This is a beautiful collection of shorts that aren't just entertaining- every one of them is a work of art. The animations include a bit of commentary that gives the viewer insight into what went i...
Peanuts: 1970's Collection, Vol. 1 (It's a Mystery Charlie Brown / Play It Again / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / It's the Easter Beagle / There's No Time for Love / You're Not Elected) Review
review by Sal Volpe
A nice DVD collection of peanuts classics featuring that beloved Beatle Snoopy. From Thanksgiving to Christmas this DVD will delight generations to come. Snoopy and woodstock, or Lucy and her thera...
Garfield - The Movie - Brian Manis Review
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review by cuga55
I watched this when it came out and it was great. I was still a kid but I had a lot of good laughs with these movie. If you have kids or still feel like one or just even like Garfield and his shena...
Strawberry Shortcake - Double Feature: The Wonderful World of Strawberry Shortcake / Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City - Artist Not Provided Review
review by hvh06010
I'm my opinion strawberry shortcake was the most sweetest and coolest show around. This is the original style the way she looked when I was Very little. On here is one of two episodes I loved calle...
Robin Hood: 40th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) - Larry Clemmons Review
review by Kelly Prebish
another one of my favorite animated disney movies, this is the tale of Robin hood told by animals and features the voice talents of geroge lindsay, pat buttram,  and many others.  it came out in 19...
Epic Review
review by destiny
I absolutely adore this movie it's full of adventure, comedy, and just a very cute movie! Now that I've had my son I want to buy it so he can watch it, he get so memorized just by watching the prev...
Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Black and White Review
review by Kelly Prebish
 a collection of mickey mouse  black and white mickey mouse cartoons--34 cartoons in all . all have been digitally restored.  this 2 disc set runs 256 minutes and it comes in a collectible metal ti...
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure [Blu-ray] - Jim Kammerud Review
review by Kelly Prebish
Patch decides he needs  and venture and gets away from his family during a move i think it is and  ends up in london where he meets up with an acting dog who is as heroic as everyone thinks throw c...