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article by Lea
I love watching documentaries - these are some fun ones that touch on the music industry, video game history, education, films, and storytelling.The fun cover image I uploaded to this list is art b...
Big Hero 6 (Theatrical) - Daniel Gerson Review
review by Tramaine Ray
Great movie for tweens, teens on up. Lots of laughs with great adventure and actions scenes. There are a few scenes that will definitely pull the heartstrings, along with comedic timing to balance ...
Home Review
review by kristynshay
I love this movie i watch it with my son,  this is my son's favorite movie, no matter where were at , we can be in the car or at home and he cries wanting to watch this movie if someone mentions it...
Political%20thrillers books movies
26 of the Best Political Thrillers of all Time
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article by Lea
Action packed, must-see thrillers with a political twist.                          
Practical Magic (1998) - Denise Di Novi Review
review by Stephanie Peaster
This has been one of my favorite movies since the first time I watched it and I still watch it every time I see it on. I can so relate to the quote below of the letter she wrote to her sister descr...
Hot Pursuit - Reese Witherspoon Review
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review by Stacy Youngman
I just watched this movie for the first time. I remember seeing the movie trailers for it a while back but I never got the chance to watch it. This movie is about an hour and a half long and I neve...
The Man in the High Castle [HD]
review by Mallory Whitfield
We recently watched the pilot episode of this new show, which is produced by Amazon. We've been on a bit of an Amazon streaming kick lately, first watching the entire season 1 of Transparent (anoth...
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X-Men: First Class Review
review by Johnny Boy
First class is great story about how X-Men started and how they became what they are in more present form. It was not to long , nor to short and story was interesting. There is just something I did...
Man of Steel - Charles Roven Review
review by Johnny Boy
When I was a kid Superman was my favorite hero. He was the strongest , had great powers and also seemed undefetable.Man of Steel was good, but not perfect. I'm not sure if I watched some kind of di...
Jurassic World [HD] - Colin Trevorrow Review
review by Serena
Who doesn't love the Jurrasic Park movies? When I first saw the previews I was a little skeptical because of all the hype. Most of the time when I get excited for a movie, I am disappointed but, th...
Brave - Mark Andrews Review
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review by Cassandra Garza
Meridah isn't your typical disney princess. It starts out her fighting her mother because she doesn't want to get married. A bunch of suitors come to the castle. She stirs up trouble by competing f...
Something to Talk About - Anthea Sylbert Review
review by Stephanie Peaster
This movie cracks me up it truly shows how off life can get and family with it and has like a whole movie of my fav actors and actresses❤️❤️ From the crazy aunt with a dose of medicine for her niec...
Pitch Perfect - Paul Brooks Review
review by aunna
I love this movie because its really funny and the things they say bring a smile to my face and my family also loves  . The songs are really catchy even if they are annoying ha but all in all i'd w...
P.S. I Love You - Richard Lagravenese Review
review by Stephanie Peaster
I'm adding some of  my favorite quotes for some of my fav movies I have shed some very ugly tears watching most of these shoes but they are still really great movies and deal with some of life's no...
Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection - Lauren MacMullan Review
review by Yvette Schach
This is a beautiful collection of shorts that aren't just entertaining- every one of them is a work of art. The animations include a bit of commentary that gives the viewer insight into what went i...