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Coloring Books for Adults
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article by Lea
Color. All. The. Pages.From pop culture to cats and candy, there are adult coloring books for every interest!   Even world travelers will want to to bring a coloring book along during those long fl...
A Color Game for Chester Raccoon - Audrey Penn Review
review by Robbii Jean
I had a pet raccoon when I was a teenager.  Since that time, I have collected all things raccoon.  I really like most raccoon things, but as I have gotten older, I have gotten more selective about ...
Mermaids - Calm Ocean Coloring Collection (Fantasy Art Coloring by Selina) (Volume 2) - Selina Fenech Review
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review by Renita Perrone
Adult coloring books are so cool. It's actually very relaxing to just sit and color and forget about everything else going on in your life. This mermaid book has such beautiful pictures and it can ...
Relax and Unwind With This Mermaid Adult Coloring Book
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review by maryanno
This is such a beautiful coloring book. All the images in the book are breathtaking, especially the one on the front cover. I'm a mother and I love the bond the cover image portrays of the love bet...
Where's Waldo Now?: Deluxe Edition - Martin Handford Review
A great book to find waldo in. You will be looking for a  long time for him in this book. You can buy them at walmart, amazon and other stores. Great if you like hidden object books to do. Waldo is...
Book Review: The Christmas Wish - Lori Evert
review by taren
There are some books that are treasures and should be read over and over and handed down to every generation. The Christmas Wish, by Lori Evert is that kind of book. It is  bring the magical back i...

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