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Best birthday gifts for a 2 year old girl?

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she loves frozen, minions and elmo or monkeys. 

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Loving wife and mother

They love pop up tents! Plus you can buy balls to put in them if she already has one. Kitchen set, bubble makers, dolls. My one year old already loves Barbie's and is crazy about plush animals!

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Megan Tilley 3 years ago

Thank you. 

sarahsea 12 months ago

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minimilitiaapk 9 months ago

toys are the best gift .

regards :


from Riverside CA now residing in La Mirada CA. I am an engaged stay at home mom of two kids.

their is a list i made for great ideas for my daughter she is three but the products would still work for your little one..

also their is ..

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Megan Tilley 3 years ago

Thank you so,so, much. This has really helped.

sample 9 months ago
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I don't know how advanced your two year old is but we started our daughter off with this when she was very small and now she is in the top of her class academically 

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Megan Tilley 3 years ago

Thank you. She is smart I think. 


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hinaeni 7 months ago

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Megan Tilley 3 years ago

Thank you! 

sarahsea 12 months ago

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My daughter just turned 2 in January. We bought her this table, she loves to color:

And then also a couple coloring books and crayons. She loves it because she feels like such a big girl at her table! 

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Megan Tilley 3 years ago

That is such a cute table! Thank you. 


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When my daughter was two she loved Elsa anything else especially the signing dolls the dress up clothes. Bubbles are alw kinetics sand 

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EVARY girl woant to feel like a princess so i think the bed with the top over lay is perfit

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  • Although I did not have little girls my recommendation is to do pant hand coloring pictures. It would be a time to remember as you can frame the hand painted pictures your little girl created at the age of two. What a memory. 
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There are Frozen charactered blankets in any department store such as Walmart. Since the winter time is coming up, this would be great to gift to her. Also, Minions stuffed animal too!

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ameliaadley92 9 months ago

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