Are you a SAHM or career woman?

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23. Fur mama, Proud Aunt, Product Reviewer, and Freebie lover!

I'm at stay at home auntie for the time being! I love it!

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Mother of 4, wife, photographer :)

Both :) I own my own photography business. I get to stay home with my kids and make my own schedule :)

Wife, stay-at-home mother of 3

I'm a stay at home mom and I love it! My husband's income is enough to support the family, so I am able to be here with the kids all day during the summer, and take care of the house and stuff while they are in school. My husband is currently laid off for the summer though, so he's home with me. I still provide for the household by doing sites like this, and rebate apps. We use that money primarily at Christmas time, or for a family vacation. So even though I'm home, I'm still contributing something. It's the best of both worlds! 

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Carmela Fisher over 3 years ago

Volunteer your hubby to do some chores at home.

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I am a stay at home mom but I want to be a career woman. I went to school got my degree and been applying everywhere it seems. My boys are able to cope with school and dad till I get home . My kids have special needs but its very mild and hopefully they will be normal boys as they get a little older.

my husband has been the bread winner but he always have a job with extra jobs so I have been his office assistant mapping stuff and checking inventory for him. I coupon, I sacrifice. I purposely can make do with what I have for a long time without spending other than paying bills and buying food.

i coupon as best as i can and I use saving star, ibotta, my points, quick thoughts, crowdtap, freebies and samples by coco. There's been times when I have been back to work earning cash as well.

I love the time I have spent taking care of my kids at home. They were clean fed and always very happy. Its amazing to see them ignore me when the school bus comes for them they are so eager to get to school. My boys spread happiness and warmth to everyone they meet. They do not let their lacking  needs define them and are spontaneous and very vocal.

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Mom of all Trades!

I'm a career woman. My son is in middle school and stays with his father during the school year. I have my own event planning business and I hope one day it becomes full time.

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I work in beauty

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