My 3.5 year old son is showing an interest in board games. We have thinkfun roll and play board game which he is loving. Any other game recommendations for this age group?

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maybe try hi ho cheerio, he might like to play that. 

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My son loves Mickey mouse surprise slides

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Candy land, hiho Cherio , barrel of monkeys, monkeys jumping on a bed , go fish, chutes and ladders and other matching games . May e even twister or bop it?

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My kids grew up loving Candy Land!

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Junior Scrabble and Guess Who are some pretty good games :)

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There are sequence kids games which they have State and Capitol ones. They will even help with teaching him. 

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I just bought my grandson who is 4, Chutes and Ladder and Tip-it.  He loves playing both games.

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