My 3.5 year old son is showing an interest in board games. We have thinkfun roll and play board game which he is loving. Any other game recommendations for this age group?

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Jessica Brazell 3 years ago

I used to love this game!



Duck Duck Mouse. So cute!

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my daughter loved this game


My son used to love to play memory

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Jennifer Corbett 3 years ago

Did remember playing this game as a child and it was one of my favorite 

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my  kids all love the guess who game, even scrabble can help learn with words

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Don't Spill The Beans

Don't Break The Ice

There's Ants In My Pants


Candy Land

Chutes & Ladders


Hungry Hungry Hippos


Pop The Pig

Hot Potato

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My older son loves Candyland! Also Connect 4 has been a fun one to play. 

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Look at RoosterFin games they are a little different and they have a lot to choose from

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My son loved this board game when he was 4 years old. We had lots of fun with it!

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candy land!

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  1. Candyland & Chutes & Ladders would be great options! :) Good luck! Have fun. Oh, enjoy him bcz before you know it, his fingerprints will getter higher & higher on the wall...

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When my kids were younger I always made home made games with things that would help them learn things. Like we played abc bingo and use different color buttons as the chips. We also made home made matching games with stickers that had shapes and colors on them ,

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Try to find games that have a lot of color and pics to keep him interested in them, memory games are super fun and help with learning as well. my favorite as a child was always candly land and chutes and ladders

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My faves for this age are those I found from Lakeshore Learning (educational store).

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We love Candy Land.

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I'd try memory. They have different versions for all ages and depending on what kind of things he likes, ie: Dinosaurs , aquatic life, or even colors. Also maybe introduce some age appropriate puzzles, my niece took to those very early. It's so greatbto watch them learn while playing games. Hope these work out for you and your son.

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Should totally try Mouse Trap !!! It's a board game that you have to trap little mice on its cute and fun Or quest who is fun and interactive 

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Guess who was always a fun game at that age.

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