You'll notice some exciting new updates to Shopswell today. We're rolling out some changes to the Rewards Program along with several general site and design improvements.

First, we are introducing articles. We've had several requests from members to provide a way to provide more detailed information than a list can support. Articles are a way for you to share your taste, express yourself, and really help people with their shopping decisions. 

Paste any product url into the editor to add a product to an article. We've added drafting and auto-save, so make sure your article is published.

You can begin writing an article here: (or from the content screen in your rewards dashboard).

You can also convert your lists to articles. Check the content tab in your rewards section. Also, now there are stats for your content. We're hoping to give you information about how well your articles, lists, and reviews are doing and which are earning you the most rewards.

We are also rolling out some changes to the reward program. Thanks to everyone who registered. It's not too late to sign up for the Rewards Program, but each night that accounts are not signed up, they will not be eligible for that night's rewards. We think that having the registrations will help us cut down on some of the cheating that happened. 

We are also changing the way points are allocated. Points will be primarily earned for quality content. Specifically, you will earn points when people engage with your articles, product reviews, and lists. There will be no more points for votes, follows, or basic comments.

You'll notice that we are no longer publishing the public leaderboard. The rewards will still be calculated based on a points leaderboard, but the public board turned out to be a distraction. We're hoping that providing direct stats related to your content will provide better guidance as to how to earn the most.