asked by Jodi Hess
Please don't think this is a scam.  I just did it.  Did you ever hear of Schoola?  On one of my newsletters I get they said you can get $60 dollars worth of clothing for free. Womens, mens and kids.  Yeah ok.  I clicked on link and followed the direction.  Guess what?  It cost me $4.32 for over $60 dollars of clothes.  You are on a time limit in your cart, so make sure you add something every 12-13 minutes.  Follow these directions.  and please make sure you have no yellow tag clearance in your cart or it won't work. Also only for new customers.  Here are the directions: 


1. Use this link https://www.schoola.com/stitch?ref=cp-3Xaoyr3ZF 
2. Create a Custom Collection and get another $10 credit. Click on Shop to Help then Collections and then Make New. If you are on mobile, scroll down and click on View Full Site first.
3. Put $60 worth of clothes in your cart and check out with code GEMS to get 50% off!
☆Some of the credit doesn't show up until you're at check out!
☆Items with yellow tags cannot be purchased with credits!
☆Shipping is free for a limited time!

Yes shipping is completely free!