I love to read!  I am one of those people that read in spare time and every night for a bit before I go to bed.  I used to read a lot more when the children were smaller and life no as hectic as of now, but I still get my reading in.  Like I said I read a lot, so I do have a lot of favorite books from a variety of genres.  

Let's see I have to say all of the Stephen King's book.  That is exactly what I would have said many years ago. Don't get me wrong I still love his books, but I came across this other author that really blew my mind with her books.   Well the two favorite books from Stephen King is:  Finders Keepers and IT.



Like I mentioned I had came across an amazing author and her name is Janet Evanovich.  I read every single book in her series and I would tell you all to grab the very first book in her series and start reading.  I am pretty sure everyone would love her books as much as I do.  Hereis the first twelve of her books:

 I think her series go up to #25 and then she has a few more.  I wish she would write more.  They really are AWESOME!


**  These would actually be a great idea for reader or your teenage daughter. **