You’re Hired: Earn big with our Shop.Share.Win Program.

Shopswell is all about building a community to help people shop smarter and better online. When you create a useful list of products or share a helpful video or your product review, you are helping others and creating value. We think people who create value should be rewarded so that inspired us to create a brand new way to earn rewards: Shop. Share. Win.

A new chance to win every month.

Here's how it works: each month we’re going to give $10,000 back to the Shopswell community based on credits earned for helping others.

There are two ways to help out and earn credits on Shopswell:

1. Curate & Create

First, you can earn credit by creating helpful content:

  • Create lists
  • Leave helpful comments, videos, and reviews on lists and products.
  • Curate others’ comments, reviews and videos

We know that one of the most frustrating aspects of shopping online is the overwhelming choices available. A product suggestion made by a trusted member of our community makes shopping more enjoyable. We want to reward you for this. The easiest way to earn the most credits is by creating compelling lists. When other members of the community engage with your lists, you earn extra credits.

2. Share

Anytime you share Shopswell with someone, you will earn credits. Make sure you’re logged in to earn credits by:

  • Sharing cool lists, products, deals and price-drops
  • Inviting people into the Shopswell community
  • Using your custom link to share any page


Because participating and sharing them are separate activities, we’re rewarding each kind of activity separately.

The Shop.Share.Win. leaderboard will update daily. You will earn rewards relative to your position on the leaderboard. Rewards will be ‘booked’ weekly (Monday morning to Sunday midnight) and processed monthly. You can choose to receive your reward by check, Amazon Gift Card, or charitable contribution.

You must be 18yrs or older and a US resident to be eligible for rewards. No purchase necessary to win.

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Good luck!