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Review: Audio Technica earbuds
article by L.j. Redding
Hubby got me these because the drivers are only 8.8m and prior to owning this pair, I'd only ever found one pair of earbuds small enough for me. My other pair was... well I could get it in my ears ...
Review: Gift Tower - inexpensive, by
article by L.j. Redding
So, I stumbled across this and it was just $10 shipped for Prime members. Unable to resist what seemed to be a decent buy, I had one sent to my husband. I figured he'd enjoy the treats and I had an...
Product Review: Basic Russell Tees...
article by L.j. Redding
These Tees are great, so I thought they were worth mentioning. It all started out when Hubby picked a couple up because they were decently priced.Turns out - with Amazon's constant price fluctuatio...
Wooden Bracelets - prayer beads - Product Review
article by L.j. Redding
I received these for free in exchange for an honest review.When they arrived in the mail, as I was admiring them, Hubby promptly snapped them up and hasn't taken them off since. They're holding up...
I think I can
article by Melodie Couture
 This list will open up your child's imagination. Every year  for the past twenty years I would purchase some type of train from Thomas the train to Lionel's train sets for my son each Christmas I ...