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Product Review: Amazplay Mini Rotating Stagelight
article by L.j. Redding I'm absolutely a huge fan of this light. I've tested a few different stage lights out like this - but they all had a little something I'd change about them at the least. Thi...
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Turn Your Old TV Into A Smart TV
article by Rindy May
Three years ago we decided we would like to have one of those new Smart TV's, so we got one for Christmas that year. Along with that we got a Bluray DVD player. After having the TV for a while I di...
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Dora the Explorer: Dora's Fairytale Adventure - Chris Gifford Review
review by Nicole Dake
This is a really cute movie featuring Dora the Explorer.  In this movie, Dora and her friends travel to a fairy tale land, meeting new friends along the way.  The whole Dora the Explorer series is ...
Ultra Pro Magic Liliana Mana 4 Planeswalker Deck Box Review
review by Nicole Dake
I bought this deck box and sleeves for my daughter's Magic cards about a year ago, and it is still in good condition.  The sleeves are well made and don't tear along the edges during play like some...