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8 Dreamy Duffels to Make Holiday Travel a Little Easier
article by Tina
less than a minute ago
The holidays are coming and for many of us that means hitting the road. Whether you're planning a nail biting trip to meet your bae's parents, headed home for the holidays, or plotting out a warm w...
Hillary Clinton's Award-Winning Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
article by happyhealthyhip
10 mins ago
I make these cookies for special occasions and my kids devour them when we have them at home. Everyone who has tried them has been surprised when I tell them the secret ingredient (old-fashioned ro...
Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer, Chrome Silver Review
review by Johnny Boy 1 hour ago
This is great warmer with classic zippo look. I got it just because I was wondering how it works.I don't use it that much because I'm not that much of a camper but it's great hand warmer. You fill ...
Bouillon de volaille
6 Reasons to Make Your Own Bone Broth
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Autumn Handy
2 mins ago
Broth is such a simple thing to make at home that I will be doing it all winter long. Bones and veggies are simmered, then cooled and strained. I condense it down slowly and then pour into ice cube...
I have a brown couch and brown carpet(husbands choice) and it needs a little color. Don't want to choose the obvious yellows etc, just not sure where to start
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Timothy Erdmann and 7 others answered
Animated dragon image 0011
My Welsh home
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
list by Justine Kinch
11 hours ago
Home & Kitchen Features
Decorative Pillows Inserts & Covers
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Features
Bathroom Accessories
The Celtic country of Wales is brought to you in color and items to put in your home.  Wales is southwest of Great Britian with it's rugged coast line, it's mountains, and it's distinctive language...
7 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Your Own Gluten Free Granola
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Autumn Handy
28 mins ago
I love having granola on hand but especially in the spring and fall when I spend hours out in the woods behind our home looking for wild mushrooms. Granola is a healthy and delicious snack, easy to...
Book Review - Liar: A Memoir, Rob Roberge Review
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
review by prekrasan 2 hours ago
Snippets of time and memories that don't align make up the content of Liar. Roberge writes as the memories seemingly occur, with very little connection between each one. While initially, this is re...
YJY Elegant Vase Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - USB Silent Ultrasonic Waterless Auto Shut-off Air Humidifier Purifier Oxygen Therapy - Green Review
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
review by Autumn Handy 43 mins ago
I stumbled across this and thought it might work out great in the bathroom or even the bedroom.  The rooms are smaller and more enclosed then the rest of the house, so honestly, they don't need any...
Ginger soup
Healthy Garlic, Ginger Soup: Beat That Cold Fast !
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Autumn Handy
less than a minute ago
I had some extra time today, so I decided to cook up a huge batch of garlic ginger soup to have on hand later in the season. Vacuum packed and stored away in the freezer, it will be a welcome sight...