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ex: What's a good blender for smoothies? Is an OLED TV the best choice for me?
Hillary Clinton's Award-Winning Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
article by happyhealthyhip
10 mins ago
I make these cookies for special occasions and my kids devour them when we have them at home. Everyone who has tried them has been surprised when I tell them the secret ingredient (old-fashioned ro...
Hair lice check
Stop Lice in their Tracks with Vamousse
article by novsunflower
41 mins ago
Every year, the fear of lice strikes fear into my heart. If you've never had to deal with it, you're lucky. When I was younger, a kid in my class came to school with it. I was unlucky enough to be ...
Under $50 office attire 
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nicky_lamarco and 12 others answered
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In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina
list by enorsworthy
1 day ago
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Yes, I know that when James Taylor was writing this song, he was referring to North Carolina. But when I hear "Carolina", my mind automatically goes to the home of my birth - South Caroli...
What a complicated question!  We all have such different needs.  Oily, dry, combination.  Sheet coverage, medium coverage, full coverage.  Matte, dewy, natural.  Mature skin needs, younger skin nee...
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Wanda Graham and 1 other answered
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Cassandra Garza and 10 others answered
The kind for sprains and arthritis on your legs, knees, elbows, or other body parts.
Mary Murch answered